Please drop off your dancer at Bishop Egan High School by 9:30 am.  Dancers in truck arrive by 9:45.

You MAY NOT PARK at Bishop Egan. You will need to park at Pennsbury High School.( This school  is at the end of the parade.)

And take the shuttle bus to Bishop Egan or walk the 1.4 miles to the start of the parade. 
Leave enough time to get to the start of the parade IF you are planning on parking and taking the shuttle with your dancer.  
The parade is scheduled to start at 10:30 am. 

That is why it is so important to be on time so we can organize our group of 70 and run through the performance.  

               Bishop Egan                           Pennsbury High School

611 Wistar Road                 705 Hood Blvd. 
                          Fairless Hills, PA 19030            Fairless Hills, PA 19030 

The parade route follows NEW FALLS ROAD   from the Wawa to the Grand Stand just past the Hood Blvd intersection.

The route is 1.4 miles long.
If you are marching with our group, please dress nicely and stay at the rear of our group - behind the truck with our beginner dancers. 

We will have water and pretzels for the dancers after we perform at the reviewing stand.

This is where you will pick up your dancer.  Make sure you let the chaperone know that you are taking your child.

Also, for younger children please provide a cell number in case we need to reach you during or after the parade.


Regular dance outfit. ( Either embroidered jumper with lace shirt or dancer skirt with turtleneck and  Fitz School sweatshirt.  All need black tights, bloomers, and headbands.  Totally black sneakers.  School hooded sweatshirts,  (ON SALE NOW AT DANCE) 

( Sweatshirts are permitted during the marching but removed and put into  bags before the reviewing stand.) 

Travel light - only bring what you need! No bags, no drinks needed. 

PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS with your name. They all look alike when we gather them before the reviewing stand. 

Get all items before leaving the parade area!  DO NOT TAKE your child without telling the chaperone that you have them! 

If you are marching in the back with your parents - dress nicely as you represent the Fitzpatrick School as well. 

Try to have your dancer use the restroom before arriving

When you get to the meeting point - find your child's chaperone. Get their cell number in case you need it later. You may go. 

If you are marching along with the group - please stay in the rear behind the pickup truck. 


 We will gather as a group for PRETZELS AND WATER in the field behind the reviewing stand. 

Parents., meet your dancer at this point and tell the chaperone. 

Please let all dancers get pretzels and water before parents and siblings. 

DO NOT TAKE your child without telling the chaperone that you have them!




 2016 PARADE - Maggie with her two brothers, Brian and Mike


                                      MARCH 9 , 2024